Nemesis Man

Impossible Questions Answered (Probably)

The Author

I am a Mechatronics Engineer who has been working with Siemens equipment for the better part of a decade now. Over that time I have experienced my share of difficulties in configuring the equipment but have also uncovered some of the true power that is buried inside. I have found that Siemens makes it easy to do difficult things and difficult to do easy things. I have started this blog as a way to share my experiences in the hope that it encourages other people not to shy away from Siemens equipment, so that they too can unlock its potential.

The Name

Nemesis came to me one day while solving a cryptic crossword on the train ride to work. It is an anagram of Siemens and I found it mildly amusing to think that Siemens is my Nemesis.

The Blog

While this blog may have been started with the intent of solving peoples problems with Siemens equipment, I’m sure it will grow to far more than that. Stay tuned for future updates.

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