Tool Management – Useful System Variables

$TC_MPP6[magno, locno]

Magazine Place Parameter 6: I like to think of this as the magazine mapping. It gives the internal tool identifier or tool number (a number between 0 and 32000, inclusive) of the tool occupying this location (locno) in this magazine (magno). Zero (0) means no tool in that location. To find out which tool is in the spindle, you would use $TC_MPP6[9998,1] – incredibly handy!


Tool parameter 2: Tool ID (a string) – this is what you use to call a tool, as in T=”CUTTER”, or T90. Note, in the latter case, $TC_TP2[x]=90, but x is not necessarily equal to 90, and is more likely to be some completely different number. It is important to remember that when reading the Siemens documentation, any parameter that uses the tool number to address it will use the internal identifier, not the tool ID.

$TC_DP3[toolNumber, edgeNumber]

Cutting Edge Parameter 3: Length 3 which is generally applied in the Z direction for milling applications (G17) in both 3 and 5 axis milling. In standard 5 axis milling with the system in G17, Length 3 will be applied along the tool vector in TRAORI.

$TC_DP6[toolNumber, edgeNumber]

Cutting Edge Parameter 3: Tool radius (by default – can be changed to diameter via machine data). Very important when using cutter radius compensation (e.g. G41, G42, CUT3DC).

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